Friday, May 13, 2011

May Book Report

Today the paper about May's Book Report is coming home. Your child got to choose this month what genre to read a book from, and now they have a choice as to what they do for their book report. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to attach a word document to my blog, but if your child looses the paper, let me know and I'll email you the paper. The book report will be due on June 1st.

Choose ONE of the following options to do as your book report:

Choice 1: A one-page hand written (or 1 page double space typed) on the book you read. Including title, author, plot, setting, characters and your thoughts and recommendations.

Choice 2: On a 9x12 piece of construction paper make a collage from pictures that you cut out of a magazine. You should have the title and author spelled out at the top. This collage should explain the plot and setting, be relevant to the characters and portray the overall message or idea from the book.

Choice 3: Write a one-page poem (12 lines, 3 sets of 4) on the book you read. This poem does need to rhyme, and should include information about the plot, setting and characters. It should also cover the problems and solutions that were in the book. Make sure to include the title of the book and author.

Choice 4: Make a 3-dimensional sculpture of the contents of the book. This sculpture should portray title, author, plot, setting and characters. You may do something like a hanger mobile. Be creative! Here are a couple of pictures that your child could chose as one of the options (the 3D option does NOT have to be a hanger mobile, but I just wanted to show a picture of it in case you're not framilar with it).

The first picture is for younger grades, but I just wanted to show that you could cut out the paper in shapes instead of just circles like the second one.

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