Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December Book Reports

I have had students and parents asking me about the books that their child is supposed to read for December. We purposefully did the November book report before Thanksgiving Break to give you a little extra time to read the book. This month your child is supposed to read a Great Illustrated Classic. If you haven't heard of these before, you can go to:
greatillustratedclassics.com. On the right hand side it will say: Great Illustrated Classics. Click on it to see examples of these books. PLEASE GO TO THE LEHI LIBRARY AND BORROW THEM THERE!! There is no need to actually purchase the book!

The book report is a Pop-Up Book. The front cover needs to be a scene from the story, just like a book cover would be. On the inside there needs to be 1-3 pop up tabs. On the back cover, the information needs to be filed out. Follow the following directions:

Steps to follow:
1. Fold the blank cardstock paper in half. Make the ground elements below the fold line and the upright elements above the fold line.

2. Decide how many items you want to pop up (Make one to three tabs). Long tabs will make items pop out farther than short tabs.
Cut tabs
Fold tabs down
Unfold tabs and push forward

3. Make a colored picture for each of your tabs. You mightmake people, ships, animals, houses, trees, etc. Cut the pictures out. Glue one to each tab. Put the glue on the tab, NOT on the picture.

4. Fold the cardstock paper with book information on it in half. Glue the pop-up form inside the folder.

The front cover needs to have the title of the book you read, the author of the book, and your name. It also needs to have a colored illustration of a scene from the book on it.
The inside will be a 3d, colored illustration and should be a different scene from the book you read.
The back cover has information about your book. The summary and critic’s corner need to be completed in complete sentences. The critic’s corner is your opinion of the book (was it a bad/good/excellent book? Why?).

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